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Bold Quilting “Marks” Easy To Remove

If you’re looking for quilting marks that are easy to see and even easier to remove, then you’ll love this reader’s tip.

Eileen Adams of Massachusetts tells how she marks her quilts for quilting, yet doesn’t have to worry about removing the marks later.

I keep blue painters’ tape with my quilting supplies. I use it for “marking” my quilts for quilting. It works well for hand quilting as well as machine quilting.

I especially like it for perfect crosshatching, but it also works for soft curves. And it comes in different widths. I buy painters’ tape at a home supply centers.

I never have to mark on my quilt top or worry about getting markings off. I put the tape down on my quilt top as a guide. I stitch along the edge of the tape.

When I am done quilting, I pull the tape off. I have no marks to remove. And the tape doesn’t leave a residue.

I’ve tried this with regular masking tape, but I think the blue edge against a light background would be easier to see. Thanks for the good idea.

- Sharon


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