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Quick-Change Rotary Cutter Is Easier, Safer

A review of
Quick Change Rotary Cutter

from EZ Quilting by Wrights

Quick Change Rotary Cutter
Quick Change Rotary Cutter

The Quick Change Rotary Cutter (QCRC) ushers in the next generation of rotary cutters — a safer, more flexible generation. EZ Quilting made this cutter safer in two ways.

First, they eliminated the danger of handling the blade. The blades come completely encased in a plastic housing, enabling me to change my blade without having to handle the blade itself.

The second safety feature EZ Quilting includes in the QCRC is an ergonomic handle that fits the hand better. It is wider in the middle and narrower on the ends for a more comfortable grip. It also allows you to keep your wrist straight when cutting. Some cutters require me to turn my wrist over, making it harder for me to apply pressure.

Quick-Change Artist

But safety isn’t the only advantage of this rotary cutter. Using the QCRC is fast and easy. I can change the blade in four seconds or less without any of the problems I had with my first-generation cutters.

With the old method of changing blades, I have to pay close attention when I take my rotary cutter apart so I don’t forget the order in which to reassemble the pieces.

Using my other cutters, I used to wonder why the nut that held the blade on kept loosening, allowing the blade to wiggle back and forth. I found this irritating, not to mention dangerous. I finally realized that I was putting the nut on backwards.

With the QCRC, I just snap on a new blade cartridge and lock it into place by lining up the arrows. This simple system eliminates all the potential problems of assembly. And the plastic housing not only makes handling the blade easier, it makes for easy blade disposal.

Pick A Size

My favorite feature is that the handle will accept any size blade. The QCRC is packaged with a 45 mm blade encased in blue plastic. But I can buy a yellow 28 mm blade or a purple 60 mm blade to use on the same handle. I like the flexiblity this system gives me.

I took the QCRC to a quilting meeting to get my friends’ feedback. I chose this particular group because two of the members have very small hands and cannot use most of the 60 mm cutters.

Without letting anyone know what I was trying to find out, I passed the QCRC around for everyone to try, listening to their comments. Everyone, regardless of hand size, liked the handle. Now my small-handed friends can have the same advantage the rest of us have in using the large blades for cutting many layers.

I then tested the handle on another friend that has large hands, with long fingers. She, too, liked the handle on the QCRC.

A Few Drawbacks

The QCRC does have a few disadvantages. The first (and very minor) drawback is the cost of the blade cartridges, which are slightly more expensive than the bare blades you use in conventional cutters. But the price difference is so minor it certainly won’t keep me from using the QCRC. And since the blades are permanently mounted in their cartridges, they can’t be sharpened and reused, which also adds to the overall cost.

Most people recommend closing the protective blade cover on your rotary cutter after each cut to be safe. I must agree that that seems like very good advice. Therefore, the most significant drawback I found on the QCRC is the closing arrangement. You can’t close the protective blade cover with just one hand. You need one to hold the handle and the other to turn the closing knob.

But on the whole, I really like the QCRC. It’s perfect to take to class or a friend’s house to quilt. I can have every size cutter I need without having to take three separate rotary cutters with me.

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  1. Nadine Abdullah

    My sister is looking for an EZ Quick Change Rotary Cutter Blade Cartridge. No 8624003-60mm. Do you have a catalog where she can order from?

  2. Where can I buy the plastic changeable rotary?

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