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Hanging Storage For Rulers And More

A review of
Hanging Ruler Organizer

from Omnigrid

Omnigrid Organizer
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I’ve tried everything for storing my rulers — standing them in a rack on my limited work surfaces — hanging them on suction cups on my window — storing them in baskets — standing them on end on the floor. No wonder I had to look around for my tools!

I got really excited when I found the Omnigrid Gear Hanging Ruler Organizer (HRO). It has solved my storage dilemma.

The HRO is made from heavy backpack canvas with sturdy mesh pockets. Its large canvas pocket – 18″ by 24″ – can hold a good-sized cutting mat plus fabric rulers up to 24″, the O’Lipfa 5″ by 24-1/2″ ruler (at an angle), June Tailor’s Shape Cut, or any of the large, square Omnigrid rulers.

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The front mesh pockets are not as deep or as long as the canvas pocket, so they are great for storing smaller rulers like the WonderCut Ruler or the smaller Omnigrid squares. Using the HRO, I can store all my general-purpose rulers in one space near my cutting table.

The Omnigrid Gear HRO comes with a hanging sleeve and screws for hanging it on the wall. But I use a pair of over-the-door hangers and a rod through the sleeve since I don’t have much wall space. This keeps the rulers at eye level

On the HRO package there is a picture showing the HRO with a Dritz Rotary Cutter in one pocket. I don’t use that pocket for the Dritz or Omnigrid Rotary Cutter (which are the same shape). The handle of the cutter is too thick to let the cutter fit down into the pocket, leaving the blade sticking out too far. But it does fit better upside down.

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The only drawback to using the HRO is that when I have all my rulers in it, it’s too heavy to move around or lift down off the door hooks. But the HRO is well built and handles the weight very well.

Since the Omnigrid Gear Hanging Ruler Organizer is so well made, I have decided to use it as a travel case when I go to a quilting retreat. I’ll just remove many of my redundant rulers to lighten the load.

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