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Ellageo Offers Good Features For The Price

A review of
Ellageo 3

from Baby Lock

Baby Lock Ellageo 3
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The Baby Lock Ellageo 3 sewing machine does utility sewing, quilting and patchwork, and heirloom sewing at the touch of a button. But that’s not all. It is a nice embroidery machine, too.

The Ellageo 3 used to be the top of the line Baby Lock sewing and embroidery machine. But the Ellegante is the new top-of-the-line Baby Lock, making the Ellageo 3 second-to-top in the large line of sewing and embroidery machines offered by Baby Lock.

Now you can buy the Ellageo 3 for much less than its suggested retail price of $5,999, putting it’s price in the same ballpark as other manufacturers’ embroidery machines. But other manufacturers’ similarly-priced machines have fewer features and use black and white screens.

Testing The Ellageo 3

From the minute I turned on the Ellageo 3, I found it very easy to use. It’s a good thing, because the instruction manuals, such as they are, are available on the Ellageo’s touch screen only.

Not having printed manuals was disconcerting for me since I usually read all manuals cover to cover before I start using any new machine. However, I found the Ellageo 3 so intuitive to run that a printed manual isn’t really necessary.

Since I didn’t have a portable VCR with me when I tested the Ellageo 3 at Moses House, my local Baby Lock dealer, I couldn’t watch the instructional video. But it has received great reviews on the Web.

Lots Of Accessories

One of my favorite things about the Ellageo 3 is the many choices and options included. It comes with four hoops ranging in size from 1 inch by 2-1/2 inches up to 6-1/4 inches by 10-1/4 inches.

It comes with 14 presser feet including a walking foot, a darning foot, three embroidery feet, a foot for pre-programmed patchwork 1/4-inch seams, and many more.

There are two 1/4-inch stitches on the menu. One measures from the needle to the right edge of the foot, the other from the needle to the left edge of the foot.

The Ellageo 3 has an automatic tension feature that really works. The only stitch I needed to set the tension for was the hand-look quilting stitch when I used monofilament thread on top and a colored thread in the bobbin. The machine handled any kind of thread I gave it without missing a stitch.

Best Needle Threader

I found the needle threader the easiest to use of any machine I’ve tested. It worked flawlessly all day long through all of my thread changes.

The foot pedal stayed where I planted it first thing in the morning and never moved. Was that nice!

The Ellageo 3 features a second motor used exclusively for winding the bobbin. It is whisper quiet.

Light But Stable

There are only a couple of things about the Ellageo 3 that I would change. For one, it is not as solid as some brands of sewing machines. Pfaff, for example, has a metal bottom plate on the base of the machine, which gives it added weight.

But even with its comparatively light weight, the Ellageo 3 never moved around on the table, no matter how fast I sewed. But when I put on the relatively heavy embroidery unit, it did seem a little noisier.

I would also add the ability to set the stitch width and length on the decorative stitches. However, some of the decorative stitches did give me a choice of large or small versions of the pattern.

The Ellageo 3 is an easy-to-use yet powerful machine with lots of options. It is worth a test drive during your next visit to your dealer.

Thanks, Russ!

I’d like to thank Russ Moline, who let me spend the day testing the Baby Lock Ellageo 3 and for inviting me back to test the Baby Lock Ellegante. Russ is an owner of The Moses House quilt shop at 423 Winchester Street in Keene, New Hampshire. You can call The Moses House at 603-352-2312 or visit them on the Web at TheMosesHouse.com.

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